Public access to all Grayson County information management systems and services have been fully restored as of 9 a.m. Friday.

The step comes nearly a full week after authorities announced that some of the county’s computers had been affected by a malware known as “Snatch.”

At statement from the county on Friday said, “The systems have been protected and the ransomware threat was eliminated. At this time, our analysis indicates that no data was stolen or lost. After action reviews are in process to confirm this finding, as well as to improve our plans for continuity of government.”

Grayson County is extremely thankful for the patience of the public. We want to thank our incredible team of IT professionals, Texas Department of Information Resources, all county officials and employees who kept the doors of County government open.

GC Information and Technology Director Ken Miller said earlier in the week that the county had not paid any type of ransom for the information. The attack stopped approximately 400 computers from being used for several days.