A Sherman school teacher showed off the musical equipment she was able to buy for her classroom using a $976 grant provided by Ruiz 4 Kids.

The Ruiz 3 Kids Mini-Grants for Teachers was awarded to K-4 music teacher Priscilla Burns from Percy Neblett Elementary School. The grant allowed the music teacher to provide additional musical instruments to her students.

Burns said it was her first time applying for the grant.

“I had asked for two new instruments,” Burns said. “We have some in there but we haven't had enough for every student to use without having to share. It was wonderful. It was my first time. We got our grant and got this beautiful new xylophone and a beautiful new metallophone. I am really excited about it.”

She was able to provide two number of instruments to her students.

“It is so exciting because the kids get to see how each part blends together,” Burns said. “They start learning and are like 'this doesn't sound like a song' and then all of those layers that come together they work together it produces something really beautiful. What's great about our instruments is that they are adaptable for every grade level so our whole entire school will benefit from this.”

The grant was provided by Ruiz 4 Kids, a non profit organization funded by Ruiz Foods employees.

“Music and studying are such a beautiful combination,” Ruiz 4 Kids board member Jeanne Ulcak said in a news release. “How many of us play something in the background while we read, do housework or study for school? Teaching children such a wonderful gift not only enhances their learning skills but helps them appreciate everything around them that creates rhythm and sound. This is what helped us select her project as a Mini-Grants for Teachers recipient.”

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