The vacant building at 1611 W. Morton Street in Denison will soon be home to a new cabinet manufacturer.

Denison Planning and Zoning Commission approved the conditional use permit to allow for a cabinet maker to operate at the location. Included in the permit was a provisional site plan. City Planner Bill Medina said city staff has questions regarding some final landscaping plans on the site, and the fire lane was another point the city wanted to take another look at.

“There isn’t anything outstanding that is concerning from the staff we just want to see finalized landscaping plan,” Medina said. “We feel we have enough in their site plan to move them forward and recommend approval. Some of the things we want to see are the calling out the landscaping items, the trees, shrubs percentage of landscaping things like that which aren’t really going to hold the project up in any way. We also had our firefighters look at this project. Previously there wasn’t a fire lane in the middle. We have since added that. We will also be adding a fire lane along the front.”

The original plan called for parking on Morton Street but the city rejected that idea due to the possibility of increased traffic congestion with drivers backing out onto Morton Street, Medina said. Instead the front parking lane was changed to a fire lane.

The project consists of manufacturing space, retail space, storage space and assembly space.

The code enforcement team worked with the property owner to address a number of issues ranging from peeling and faded paint, rotting wood trim, rotting fence and similar issues.

Medina said the conditional use permit included a site plan that would still need to be approved by the City Council, set to take place at the March 2 meeting.

The property will include 1,500 square feet of manufacturing space, 1,500 square feet of storage, 2,500 square feet used for assembly and 2,200 square feet to be used for retail and office space.

Richard A. Todd is the Denison area reporter. He can be reached by sending email to He can also be reached on Facebook and Twitter @RichardAToddHD.