Mavis Hamel, 3-year-old living in Denison, was diagnosed with Spina Bifida, a condition that has her confined to a wheelchair. That didn’t stop Mavis from going with her family to Disney World in October of 2019 courtesy of Wishing Well Texoma.

Mother Brittnay Hamel described Mavis as a child full of life.

“She is like any other kid,” Brittnay Hamel said. “She goes to school. She has friends. She goes to physical therapy twice a week working on a balance. She does everything to the best of her ability. She is a very sassy threenager. She is three but has the sass of a typical teenager. She is a normal kid with some extra steps. Most kids go to the doctor once a year, she goes three times a month.”

Hamel said Mavis loves Play Doh and playing with her older nine-year-old brother Isaiah.

Hamel said she couldn’t ask for a better child. Despite the troubles she loves her daughter. She said the biggest challenge is overcoming the people who make assumptions about her daughter. Mavis has cleft feet due to her condition. She said often times people make comments about the child not being able to work because of something her parents let her break her legs. Hamel Hamel said all she wants is for people to be respectful and welcomes them to ask questions if they are curious.

“As a mom it is getting people to be polite and not stare or ask questions,” Hamel said. “Sometimes it breaks my heart. I can’t take it personally. The hardest part is people who don’t understand what she goes through or are rude. Not everywhere is handicap accessible. Most people are awesome. Every now and then it becomes difficult.”

The hardest part for her was during the pregnancy she said she had three doctors advise her to terminate the pregnancy on account the child wouldn’t have a good quality of life.

“I couldn’t ask for anything better,” Hamel said. “She is a perfect addition to our family. She adores her older brother. They are always getting into trouble. She loves playing outside. She enjoys dancing. She had a blast at the daddy daughter dance recently.”

Mavis attends Fred Douglass Early Childhood Center in Sherman. Hamel said she was approached by Wishing Well Texoma to tell her they were going to send her daughter and family to Disney World it was the most exciting time. They are a family that really enjoys Halloween. She said it was great going over that weekend and getting to visit a Mickey Mouse Halloween Party.

“She was super excited,” Hamel said. “She loves everything Disney, especially Minnie and Mickey. It was fun for her to meet all the Disney Princesses. She loves all the Disney princess movies. She was really excited.”

Mavis has already had several surgeries to help with her condition. She recently got leg braces to help her stand. Her mother said she doesn’t have any major surgeries coming up but there is always another one down the road.