This week individuals will be able to see what shines from above because Austin College when the site is welcoming star gazers to come on campus and use the largest research telescope in North Texas to scope out the night sky.

AC’s Adams Observatory will host a star party from 8-9 p.m. Thursday. Members of the community are welcome to attend the free come-and-go event.

“The telescope will point toward Orion’s Nebula, a giant gas cloud where new stars are forming,” David Baker, director of Adams Observatory, said in a news release.

Indoor activities, including tours of the observatory, are scheduled so the event will continue regardless of clouds or weather. Adams Observatory is located in the College’s IDEA Center.

The IDEA Center is located at 1108 E. Richards Street, and parking is available nearby. Participants will meet in Page Atrium, the main lobby of the IDEA Center, and will be taken to the Observatory in small groups on a first-come, first-served basis.