The Sherman Independent School District is looking at taking its food service on the road. District officials started discussing the possibilities of a food truck for the district at the beginning of the year.

Last week, the school board approved a $96,527 contract with ATX Food Truck Builder for the conversion of a decommissioned district school bus into a new food truck. Officials with the district said the truck will allow the district to set up a mobile kitchen during sporting events and as a part of its summer feeding program.

“It is going to be a new innovative way to feed our students and the community,” Sherman Communications Director Kimberly Simpson said Feb. 11. Simpson has previously seen similar projects used in other districts with successful results.

She said district officials envision that the food truck can be used during sporting events, community events, and some days outside of secondary campuses.

“It would be another way to capture our students’ attention and get them eating healthy,” she said.

The biggest impact will likely be seen in the district’s summer feeding program. For more than 20 years, the district has set up kitchens at campuses to serve lunch and breakfast to students who receive free and reduced lunch during the summer months. With the truck the district will be able to set up the program in neighborhoods with a high density of school-age children.

“As you know, a large percentage of our district is economically disadvantaged,” Simpson said. “During the summer, those needs don’t change.”

Unlike many other food trucks, the district plans to outfit the former school bus with an enclosed seating area. The contract for the project calls for a seating area in the front half of the bus for 16 customers with booth-style seating.

For the project, district officials plan to use a 62-passenger bus that is already in the district’s possession.