Sherman is getting some assistance in the management of the city’s animal shelter. The new committee will help ensure that the city stays in compliance with local and state regulations related to animal control and shelters.

City leaders approved the creation of the new eight-person animal advisory board to assist the animal control in the operations of the city’s animal shelter.

“This is one of the requirements of the city for having a shelter,” Assistant City Manager Terrence Steele said Wednesday. “One of the things they (Texas) asks is that we have an advisory committee.”

In addition to working in an advisory role, city officials said the new committee will work in the community to raise awareness of what the department does and the shelter operates.

Animal Services Director Ty Coleman said he has worked with similar boards during his time working with the city of Dallas and found them to be effective in these roles.

The committee will be made up on eight members and will include Coleman,a licensed veterinarian, a city official, a representative from a local animal welfare organization and four residents of Sherman. Coleman noted that the city does not have a dedicated animal advocacy group, but said a representative from the Denison Animal Welfare Group or one of many rescue organizations could fill this spot.

Steele said that no members have been appointed yet, but did not believe that these positions would be difficult to fill. Coleman anticipated having recommendations before the council in March.