Denison is looking to address public concerns regarding the recent ordinance approving fees for services rendered by Denison Fire Rescue. City Council is going to consider adopting a number of rules and regulations regarding the program.

A news release issued Friday said the City Council is expecting to flesh out the details Tuesday when it meets.

According to the release, the city does not intend to bill the city’s taxpayers. In the proposed additions to the ordinance, the city outlines a number of points the council will consider including clarifying that fire services would only be billed to insurance providers, and the fees will only be imposed on residential properties that exist outside city limits. In the event of an automobile incident the city responds to, the fees will be imposed on any responsible driver that is a non-resident as determined by the vehicle registration.

When it comes to non-residential property, including commercial property, the city will impose ta fee in all instances regardless if the property is in city limits or outside.

The city will consider billing the property owner directly in the event that insurance coverage does not exist on a case-by-case basis with the exception being Denison residents.

City Council will be available to hear comments from the public regarding the proposals at 6 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall, 300 West Main Street.

The city first authorized the charges related to fire services at its Feb. 3 City Council meeting. The item was on the consent agenda and did not receive public comment from council during the meeting.

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