Looking at options to expand the scope of its new junior varsity football field outside of the future high school, Sherman Independent School District officials received a report Monday from VLK Architects on alternative seating layouts for the future football field.

The field will serve as the footprint for a new future football stadium for the high school, but district officials have not given a timeline on when this upgrade may happen. In the interim, officials have considered ways to add additional seating that could pave the way for the stadium project in the future.

“We are not talking about doing that now, but this will be a JV level football field,” SISD Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations Tyson Bennett said.”We asked VLK Architects to look at what it would cost, what it would look like, if we had additional field seating.”

The current contract for the project calls for 1,000 seats between both home and visitor sections and a press box. Kent Leach, representing VLK Architects, presented three alternative layouts that would add varying numbers of seats to the project.

The first option would double the seats on the home side, while leaving the visitor’s side at just 500. Leach estimated that this project would cost the district an additional $191,000.

The second option would build out the visitor’s side with 2,500 seats while reserving space for 6,200 on the home field side for future expansion. The project would also see the construction of a visitor’s press box with plans to build another on the completed home side. This option is estimated to cost $500,000.

The final and largest option would see the build out of the home side with 5,000 seats and the 2,500-seat visitor’s side. This option would include room for an additional 1,200 seats to be built on the home side. The press box would also be expanded to feature two stories with a film level. Due to the size of the press box, the project would require the installation of a $200,000 elevator. Seating alone on this option is estimated at $3.85 million.

Board Chairman Tim Millerick questioned why the district is considering this, adding that he does not feel comfortable with the added scope of the project.

“So if it is simple enough, why would we want to increase the seats and cost on a JV field?” Millerick asked.

Board member Brad Morgan said he attended a track meet in Celina a few years ago before the district expanded the field with additional seating. By adding additional seats now, the district could potentially host larger-scale events in the future, he said.

“It was packed and that was more than 500 seats,” Morgan said. “If we do 500, it is not going to be enough for people to watch their kids run.”

“I understand your experience in Celina, but I am not sure I really care about it,” Millerick responded.