Those with outstanding debts are being given a chance to settle up before authorities across the state get rolling on their annual warrant round-up.

In an emailed news release distributed Tuesday, the city of Denison said it will offer an amnesty period, Feb. 17-28, for anyone anyone with active warrants for unpaid fines, tickets or failed court appearances. Violators with an arrest warrant and corresponding fine may bring in 10 cans of food or other non-perishable items to the city for a $50 reduction in their fine owed, or twenty cans for a $100 reduction.

“Any citizen of Denison may come forward to square their debt and pay their fines without further penalties,” the release said. “But once the round-up starts, you can be arrested at any time or any place; including your home, at work or school.”

The city will accept canned-food donations during normal business hours at the municipal court window in city hall, which is located at 300 W. Main Street.

Violators who opt to roll the dice are likely to get a visit from local law enforcement, risk jail time and may see a renewal hold placed on their driver’s license.

“The best thing to do if you’re on the warrant list is to come forward and satisfy the debt, as soon as possible, to clear your name,” the release said. “It’s also advised to contact an attorney to act on your behalf.”

For additional information, call the city of Denison Municipal Court at 903-465-2720, extension 2437.

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