The Sherman Independent School District announced that plans to open its new high school were set back due to weather delays that have affected the construction on the project. The district now plans to open the school in January 2021 and will delay some portions of its ongoing Transition 2020 plan.

SISD Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations Tyson Bennett answered a few questions about how the decision will affect some aspects of school operations and the ongoing 2020 plan.

Q. How will this affect our bus routes? Will some students who were eligible for buses at the beginning of the year no longer be eligible due to distance from the new school? Vice Versa?

A. Bus routes will change for SHS once the mid-year move is made. We offer bus transportation outside of two miles from students’ home campus.

Q. How will this impact teachers’ lesson plans with a shifting setting, new surroundings and potentially different resources and technology?

A. We have classroom tech standards across the district that we’ve implemented with similar tech resources at all campuses, including wi-fi and networking capabilities. We have touch panels slated for the new SHS, similar to touch panels across the district. We’ve also deployed laptops to teachers. We anticipate that teachers will experience similar tech devices, programs, and resources as a result of our district-wide technology upgrades that began in 2016 and hit full stride over the past year.

Q. How will this affect athletics? Do we expect all athletics to shift instantly to the new location in January, or will some remain at the current HS for the remainder of the school year?

A. Sherman High School staff, students and programs will be fully moved to the new SHS in January of 2021.

Q. What does this transition mean for the existing high school? What do we do mid-year with a vacant school?

A. In January of 2021, the former SHS will be unoccupied for one semester, which will give us time for Transition 2020 upgrades prior to re-opening as Sherman Middle School in August of 2021.

Q. How does this affect the district’s plans and timetables for hiring for not only the high school but throughout the district?

A. Staff hiring and personnel transfers will primarily move in relationship to school openings.