The opening of the new high school was the center point of the district’s Transition 2020 initiative, which would highlight a number of significant changes for the Sherman Independent School District layout and structure.

Monday it was announced that due to weather delays, the new Sherman High School is set to open in January 2021. That delay is expected to set back Transition 2020 by one school year.

The new high school would allow the district to convert the current high school into the district’s second middle school. This extra capacity would allow the middle school level to expand and now cover sixth through eighth grades.

This in turn would allow the district to move away from the intermediate-school model and convert Dillingham Intermediate into an elementary school. The addition of Dillingham as an elementary school would eliminate the need for Jefferson Elementary and allow the district to close the smaller campus.

With the district now pursuing a mid-year move to the high school, officials are setting a new timetable for these transitions.

While the district originally had projected to use service days at the beginning of the year to allow more time for the move, these days will likely be used near the Christmas break instead, SISD Superintendent of Finance and Operations Tyson Bennett said.

Piner Middle School will continue to house the district’s seventh and eighth grade students through the school year and the planned phasing out of the intermediate school will take place in the 2021-2022 school year. District officials original expected to stagger the rezoning of both the middle and elementary schools, but they will now take place in the same year.