Since the city is looking to add some new features to the downtown district as part of its Main Street project known as Designing Downtown Denison, the fate of one existing feature remains to be determined as the city is considering putting a building on the land currently home to what the city refers to as the “pocket park.”

During the Monday meeting of the City Council, officials received an update on the funding and timeline of the D3 project from City Manager Jud Rex.

Plans for the Main Street renovation were not shown at the meeting as the design process and bidding has not been completed.

Denison Main Street Director Donna Dow said the city does have plans to redesign the pocket park that include green space and water. However, she said the plans have not been finalized at this time. She said the city is proposing a new office building that will sit on the lot however she didn’t have specifications on the size of the building to reveal at this time.

“We’re really looking forward to that,” Dow said. “There is a building that is part of the design. It has not been designed yet. It is just a conceptual drawing. There is a really cool water feature and some relaxing chairs in it. It is a great place for people to gather together.”

Dow said the building is not a part of phase one and she doesn’t have a timeline on when the lot will be developed.

The park is not currently a part of the city’s parks and recreation department. It was installed after a building that previously sat on the lot was demolished several years ago. Currently there are benches and trees that line the space between the Domino’s Pizza at 228 West Main Street and the building at 222 West Main Street.

Dow showed a possible conceptual drawing of what the space could look like at the Denison Development Alliance Summit last month.

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