Texomans may want to bundle up this week. Colder temperatures and the chance of winter precipitation are both expected to move in this week.

After a warm and sunny start to the week, the National Weather Service expects a strong cold front to descend out of the Rocky Mountains and bring a blast of cold air into the region.

Tuesday’s high will reach the upper 50s, but temperatures will barely climb above freezing by Wednesday. Rain chances of 50-80 percent are in the forecast both days, but as the weather system moves further south and east, it could create the conditions needed for freezing rain, sleet, and snow.

“Because of all the moisture that we’ll have in the air, we might see some winter precipitation,” Meteorologist Monique Seller said Monday from the Fort Worth field office. “It’s likely that we’ll see at least a rain-sleet mix in the area, but if that projected snow line shifts and starts pushing more east, all forms of wintry precipitation may be possible.”

Motorists may encounter a variety of road conditions in the days ahead and are urged to drive cautiously on all surfaces, especially bridges and overpasses. But Sellers also advised Texoma residents to watch out for northerly winds, which are likely to gust as high as 25 mph and make temperatures feel significantly colder.

“Wind chills are going to be into the teens and 20s Wednesday morning,” Sellers said. “You need to plan accordingly and factor that into how long your kids will be waiting at the bus stop, what you’re wearing and how much time you give yourself on the commute.”

With Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s respective overnight lows dropping to 31 degrees and 26 degrees, the National Weather Service also advises those in the front’s path to make sure their pets, pipes and plants are protected from the cold.

By Thursday, temperatures will begin their return toward seasonal norms again with sunny skies and a high of 43 degrees. Sunshine will stick around through the weekend and highs on Saturday and Sunday will climb into the upper 50s and low 60s.

“We’re riding that weather roller coaster as we move from the main seasons of winter and get closer to spring,” Sellers said. “We’ll warm up again in time for the weekend, but there’s the potential that we might see some more cold air next week. So, it looks like we’re going to stay on this ride for a while.”

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