Izabel Laborico, a young girl living in Durant, Oklahoma, has the dream of becoming a ballet dancer. At six years old, Izabel still loves to dance despite having a lymphatic malformation, a tumor that wraps around her sides and arms.

These types of rare non-malignant masses can be found anywhere in the body and grow inside the skin, fat, connective tissue, joints, organs of bones. Treatments can include but are not limited to surgical removal, radio-frequency ablation and laser therapy.

Unfortunately, even with removal, these types of masses can grow back.

Izabel was recently a recipient of a Wishing Well Texoma trip to Disney World along with her family. While there she got to meet Princess Jasmine.

Charlee Laborico said since her daughter has been diagnosed with clove syndrome it has only made things worse. The child has a massive tumor on the side of her chest that is fully developed reaches to her left side of her body. Charlee Laborico said the tumor throws Izabel’s balance off while dancing.

But, Izabel is learning to adjust.

The six year old struggles with self image because other children do notice her big arm. Her mother said she is shy but loves to play outside and is very active.

“She has been through so much from the day she was born,” Charlee Laborico said. “She continues to take medicine every day and get blood work every month. She has to go to the doctor constantly. There is a lot of fear and anxiety in her. For someone else to recognize what she has gone through and grant her wish, to get her something she has asked for so long is life changing and helps her appreciate everything she has been through.”

Charlee Laborico said Izabel really enjoys ballet but shied away from tap. Due to her medical condition, Izabel has pain when she is too active.

Izabel was born with 3 lbs. worth of tumor and has had to have hip surgery in order to combat balancing issues.

“She is still pretty shy with people looking at her,” Charlee Laborico said. “It causes anxiety because she does look different.”

She takes medications to help control the tumor, but the medication does suppress her immune system. Izabel is home bound a lot of the time.

“We live most of our life a little secluded and away from everyone so she doesn’t get sick,” she said.

Izabel has already had four surgeries.

Charlee Laborico said faith is so important to the Laborico family.

“Everything she has been through and all the bad reports we got from doctors, we trusted the Lord and he would see us through all of it,” she said. “Our church family has been extremely important. They have been there if we needed anything, her needs have been met.”

During the family’s recent trip to Disney World in Orlando, Izabel was beyond to see the actors and performers portraying beloved Disney characters. Izabel received all the attention and had a ton of fun, her mother said.

“We were surprised she rode a lot of roller coasters,” Charlee Laborico said. “It was the no. 1 thing she wanted to do. She rode with her hands up in the air all the time. She is a kid who is scared to leave home. It was exciting to see her have fun and be a kid.”