Cross Development, the owners of Hotel Denison, are looking to restore the building at 323 West Main Street following the fire that struck downtown last October.

Casey Shires and Steve Rumsey of Cross Development were both mentioned at the Denison Development Alliance Summit on Jan. 17 as two individuals with a love for Denison who have big plans for the future. One of those plans includes a nearly $10 million, multi-year renovation of the Hotel Denison. Another project includes the building that could soon be the company’s headquarters according to Denison Mayor Janet Gott who talked about it during a presentation recapping the events following the fire at the summit.

“As you can see it is their intent to restore it to its original splendor,” Gott said in reference the building on Main Street. “Casey Shires and Steve Rumsey are going to have a building at 323.”

The architecture drawing has already been approved by the Denison Historic Preservation Board, Gott said.

The company is planning on using the building as office space for its employees working on projects in the Texoma area. Cross Development Project Manager Spence Webber said the building was also chosen so the owners could have a space to work out of when they are in Denison.

It will be the second location for the company and the owners have future plans to do something with the upstairs. Those have not been finalized yet.

Webber said the primary hold up at this time is the damage and insurance claims from the Oct. 9 fire that compromised the structural integrity of three buildings on Main Street and has had lastly effects on many others.

Once everything gets squared away with the building, the owners plan to begin moving forward within the next month, he said.

The architectural plans previously presented to the Historic Preservation Board could change depending on what the developers decide to do with the building.

“They bought the building two weeks before the fire,” Denison Development Alliance President Tony Kaai said. “It was an empty building ready for redevelopment by another man three years ago. They (Cross Development) were going to turn it into office space.”

Kaai said Cross Development has built $1 billion worth of commercial real estate spanning 30 states over the years.

“These two men have a love for Denison and they do their very best helping Denison become a better place to live and work,” Kaai said.

At the summit, Shires talked about the history of his company and how much he loves Denison.

Shires said his company started in 2003 out of an apartment in Dallas. He said they started out building strip centers for Walmart before eventually getting into hotels and apartments.

“Downtown Denison means a lot to me,” Shires said. “It is a great place. Let’s not forget that. It is our core. All the new development is amazing, and we love it. Let’s not forget why people come here.”

Shires said the reason to choose Denison is the downtown.

“I will continue to say ‘I love Denison but let’s keep making it better,’” he said. “Let’s keep having the things in place to make it continue to be better.”

For more information on Main Street projects post the Oct. 9 fire, visit and search “As the smoke clears.”