North Texas Regional Airport — Perrin Field will temporarily stop operations and close over the weekend as a part of an ongoing pavement study. The airport is scheduled to close at 7 p.m. Friday and reopen 12 hours later at 7 a.m. Saturday morning.

The closure will allow crews to have uninterrupted and safe access to the runway and other traffic areas during non-peak hours. The ongoing study will be used to determine the strength of pavement at the airport and determine what types of aircraft could operate at NTRA in the future.

“After this, we shouldn’t have any more night closures in conjunction with this pavement study,” Airport Manager Mike Livezey said Wednesday.

Consultants started the pavement study in January by conducting a series of impact tests throughout the aprons, taxiways and portions of the runways. Using specialized equipment, crews pounded the pavement and used sensors to detect vibrations. These readings will help consultants determine the strength, density and condition of pavement throughout the airport.

For this second portion, crews will be drilling and extracting five-foot-deep core samples of pavement that will then be taken back and studied. These holes will then be sealed with cement, Livezey said. Friday’s operations will include drilling at three spots on the main runway and seven on the taxiway.

This will be the second time that the airport has shutdown overnight for the study. About two weeks ago, the airport shutdown temporarily as a part of the impact study. Through both shutdowns, Livezey said airport staff contacted major airport users, including the US Aviation Flight School, to let them know about the closure. In both cases, the flight school modified its schedule to work around the operations.

Despite expecting no future night closures as a part of the study, Livezey said some localized, daytime closures will likely occur in the near future. In the case of these closures, crew will be focusing on lower traffic areas that can be closed without ceasing full airport operations.

The full results from the pavement study are expected to be finalized some time in late March. However, preliminary results from the impact study looked to be positive for the pavement’s condition, Livezey said.