The Denison Planning and Zoning Commission is set to consider a replat of a lot of land in the Denison High School addition on Tuesday.

The applicant is seeking the replat of lot 1 in the Denison High School addition as well as adjoining 6.06 acres in the W.J. Brown Survey. The replat is to accommodate a travel center that was recently approved by the same board earlier in the month.

Here are five things to know about the meeting that will take place at 300 West Main Street at 10 a.m. at Denison City Hall.

1. Gateway Village apartments

The commission will be considering a site plant for Gateway Village Phase 2 which will make room for a new apartment complex at the development.

2. Texoma Medical Center expansion

Continuing its expansion plans, the hospital is seeking a site plan for a dietary and CEP facilities.

3. Cabinet maker back before

A cabinet maker is seeking a public hearing on a conditional-use permit that would allow for the business to operate a manufacturing facility with commercial showroom located at 1611 West Morton Street.

4. Assisted living center

The commission will conduct a public hearing on a replat in the West Gate addition to make room for the proposed assisted living center that will be near Ansley BLVD and U.S. Highway 75.

5. Residence at Gateway Village expansion

The commission will conduct a public hearing on the replat of property at Gateway Village to accommodate the proposed apartment complex expansion.