After a brief reprieve last week, chances of rain and cooler temperatures will return to to return to Texoma early this week, the officials with the National Weather Service said Monday. Meteorologists have forecast a 90-percent chance of rain Tuesday for the Sherman-Denison area, with the potential for more later in the week.

Meteorologist Lamont Bain with the NWS Fort Worth Field Office said the chances for rain are expected to start late Monday night, but increase during the early morning and pre-dawn hours Tuesday. Portions of the region could see as much as 0.91 inches of rain from Tuesday’s series of storms.

The region could see an isolated thunderstorm Tuesday morning, but there will be little chance for significant weather from Tuesday’s storms, Bain said.

“We really do not have all the ingredients we would need to see significant weather,” he said.

The storms are expected to start rolling out around noon as a cold air enters the region. Highs for Tuesday are expected to reach the mid-50s, but will likely occur earlier in the day, Bain said. Night low temperatures are expected to fall into the mid 30s, but there will be little chance for winter weather, he added.

While there is a slight chance for rain later in the week, Bain said chances will be higher south and southwest of Texoma. High temperatures are expected to remain at the low 50s through the remainder of the week.

The region could see temperatures rise modestly over the weekend with highs expected in the mid 60s.

“It is not out of the realm of possibility for a high of 70 on Sunday, but that is still a bit far out,” he said.

Michael Hutchins is a reporter for the Herald Democrat. He can be reached at or @MhutchinsHD on Twitter.