A small group of Silo High School students from the baseball team were in Denison, Texas, Jan. 24 to help a local business in an effort to raise funds for the team’s upcoming trip to Florida.

The team raised $1,400 by donating its time to help Ardmore-based Texoma Urban Air LLC unload equipment at its new trampoline park opening soon in Denison.

Transportation and Maintenance Director Billy Jack Bowen said the team was contacted by the business to help unload the trucks as a fundraising opportunity for the kids.

“We’re raising money to go to Florida over spring break,” Bowen said. “We found an opportunity to raise our money. We go down and play in Florida, go to spring training and watch a big-league game. We just go down there to try to be around baseball, to get better and learn things like that.”

He said the team has made the trip for 20 years.

“It is hard to raise money to go,” Bowen said. “When you find an opportunity like this, it is kind of neat because it is hard selling enough cupcakes to get there. Something like this is helpful. We jump at the opportunity to raise money.”

Mason Urban is a sophomore at Silo. This is his second year in baseball.

“It is fun to get out there and have fun,” Urban said. “I like challenges. It is fun to be competitive. The few guys who came with us, we see it like working as a team. It is good to help people.”

He said this will be his second year going on the trip. He said it was a lot of fun.

Texoma Urban Air LLC. Owner Katherine Morgan said as a family business, they look forward to supporting the local community.

“They are working to earn funds to help get their team to spring training in Florida this year,” Morgan said. “They have also volunteered to return on other Fridays as needed to help with other tasks such as cleanup, etc. Urban Air Denison has made a $1,400 donation to their program, as one of our goals is to help foster physical activity and play within youth and the community school systems.”

Morgan said her company makes a point to make entry-level jobs available for teenagers. She said it is important for teenagers to get job skills.

“We want to make it a really good experience for them,” Morgan said. “You can teach them to have really awesome customer service. They can take it with them to another job. They can also take it with them to social experiences outside of work.”