Urban Air Denison is looking at a mid-April opening now that construction is wrapping up and the interior products have begun to arrive.

Owner of Texoma Urban Air LLC Katherine Morgan said on Friday the company started getting its first shipments of balls and safety material that will be used in the various attractions and things are moving towards a spring opening.

“Once we decided to come to Denison the community has been awesome,” Morgan said. “That was our driving force how much they reached out and were welcoming and wanting us to bring a family entertainment center. Our goal is to bring something to communities that don’t have it already. Denison obviously didn’t have it in the beginning. We were all on board with helping grow the community.”

She said the family-owned company is looking forward to bringing its second location to the residents of Denison. She said this is the second location for her family-owned franchise. The business will bring between 80-100 new jobs, mostly teenagers, to the area.

Morgan said her company makes a point to make entry-level jobs available for teenagers. She said it is important for teenagers to get job skills.

“We want to make it a really good experience for them,” Morgan said. “You can teach them to have really awesome customer service. They can take it with them to another job. They can also take it with them to social experiences outside of work.”

Morgan said among the features at the location is going to be a concession stand that will feature typical concession stand food items as well as a few unique recipes for the franchise. On the food side she said there will be something for everyone. One highlight she mentioned was the glutton free pizza that uses a cauliflower crust.

She said there will be between four and six private party rooms split between the first and second floor with some tables available for birthday parties.

There will be a number of party rooms. Near the front there will be what she called a wipe out zone with a boom arm that people can dodge. There will be a dodge ball court and basketball hoop for practicing slam dunks. The pro zone will feature trampolines people can use to bounce off the walls. The volcano climbing will will be shaped like a volcano that will have a slide down the middle.

Other features include the ropes course, stairway to heaven and a leap of faith that is like a diving board that leads to another trampoline. There is a battle beam that will allow contestants to use foam sticks to try to knock one another off into a foam pit. One feature she talked about is the sky rider that she said works like a personal roller coaster.

Morgan said the goal is to be open by mid-April depending on how things work out. She said the construction is mostly done. The remainder is mostly installing equipment. There were a couple of months worth of rain delays that kept the construction from getting off the ground right away.

Morgan said they are already working with Workforce Solutions Texoma to start the hiring processes and are looking for some employees in the next couple of weeks. She is hoping to have a job fair in February followed by auditions.

“At Urban Air Texoma our goal is not to just bring Urban Air to the community, it is to help make an experience for the community,” Morgan said. “We facilitate memories for the community. With that bring 80-100 jobs in the area. If you look at our employment base we want to bring teenagers for many of them this will be their first job. When you add all that in we’re here to make the economic development of Denison grow.”

Denison area reporter Richard A. Todd can be reached by sending email to rtodd@heralddemocrat.com. He can also be reached on Facebook and Twitter @RichardAToddHD.