This weekend looks like it will be a good one for wrestling fans of all ages as the WWE prepares for one of its biggest shows of the year. On Sunday, 30 competitors will enter the ring for the 33rd Royal Rumble.

The Royal Rumble is one of the WWE’s “Big Four” Pay-Per-View events and likely second only to Wrestlemania as the biggest event of the year for the promotion. The event is always headlined by the titular Royal Rumble match that involves 30 competitors competing for a title shot at Wrestlemania in April.

The match will begin with two competitors in the ring, and about every minute another competitor will join in until all 30 have entered. A competitor is eliminated when they are thrown over the top rope and out of the ring, with both feet touching the floor. This last stipulation has led to dramatic moments for some wrestlers and fun gimmicks for others in previous years.

As in the last two years, there will be two rumble matches, with one for male competitors and another for female contenders.

While there will certainly be other good matches on the card, the rumble itself has always been one of my favorite matches, because it always plays a guessing game with the fans. Who will be the first person in? Who is coming in next? Who will even be in the match?

As of writing, only 25 of the 30 slots for men, and five of 30 slots for women, have been announced. This leaves a lot of question marks on who will appear, and many predict surprise returns of fan favorites and new wrestlers alike during the event.

Every year, some friends and I get together and draw numbers for who we will be rooting for in the match to win it all. It adds to the anticipation of it all: will your numbers be a winner or a complete dud?

In general, it is dumb fun and I am okay with that.