One more dispatcher will soon join those already working at the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office this budget cycle. County Judge Bill Magers said the need to do so mid year stems from a misunderstanding during the budget season.

The commissioner’s voted Tuesday to approve that request.

Magers said there was a decision to change the hours worked by dispatchers from 84 to 80. In the budget process, he said, they believed that they had accounted for enough money to cover those changes.

“The Sheriff came to me and said,’Look here’s my problem, even under the old 84 hours there was a time in only one dispatch person was on duty,’” Magers explained that is just not a safe situation for the county and they needed to add two additional people to that staff.

He said they are basically moving the money to pay for two unfilled jailer positions to the budget for the dispatcher.

“We will readdress this at budget time next year,” he said.

Commissioner Phyllis James moved to approve the changes and Commissioner Jeff Whitmire seconded her motion. None of the commissioners voted against the plan. Grayson County Sheriff Tom Watt was in the room, as was his Chief Deputy Tony Benny, but they were not called upon to talk about the matter.

Magers said the changes were budget neutral for this year.

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