Sherman Municipal Airport has plans to add some additional aircraft capacity and hangar space in the coming future. City officials plan to present proposals for a future hangar developer at the airport to the Sherman City Council early next month.

This comes after the city requested bids and proposals for the construction of a new, seven-unit hangar, and the addition of new hangars was one of the recommendations included in an airport master plan that was finalized last year.

Despite initial plans to just build one facility, the several of the seven proposals that were submitted go beyond the initial scope, Sherman Community and Support Services Manager Nate Strauch said.

“We received a number of proposals and those range in scope from a single hangar building to multiple hangar buildings,” Strauch said. “We are currently evaluating the proposals and seeing what makes the most sense for the future of the airport.”

Strauch said the city is still evaluating the proposals and is not ready to publicly comment on the contents.

Amid increased interest in development at the airport, the city contracted to create a new master airport master plan in 2019. The plan, which was finalized in October, gave time tables for development, including the addition of new hangars. At the time, city officials said only two sites were prepared for hangar development. Between the two sites, the hangars would create room for 14 additional aircraft to be housed at Sherman Municipal.

Strauch said there has been a strong demand for hangar space at the airport for years due in part to the limited existing space and little turnover between tenants. Currently, the waiting list for space includes about 20 names and has barely changed over the years.

“There was one person I spoke to only went up to places on the list after years of waiting,” Strauch said.

Despite the need, Strauch said city leaders were initially only interested in investing in one building right now, with additional development proposed at a later date.

“We believe there is extremely strong demand for these hangars, but we did not want to take too big of a bite of the apple,” Strauch said, noting that the city did not intend to issue debt for the project. “We are using dedicated airport funds that are limited.”

Strauch said the seven proposals included one that was submitted by Marius Meintjes, who previously submitted plans for Silver Falcon Aero Estates along the border of the airport. The development would include homes with attached hangar space for personal aircraft and through-the-fence access to the airport. Strauch said the development still appears to be moving forward through the pre-development phase.