Globitech’s Sherman facility is gearing up to get some new power-generation equipment that it hopes will will alleviate power issues and outages that have hindered the facility in recent years.

The new equipment will be capable of operating both in parallel with the power grid and in island mode when it is disconnected from utility service. The equipment will be fueled by natural gas, and representatives for the company estimated that it would operate less than 200 hours a year.

The Sherman Planning and Zoning Commission approved a variance and site plan that would allow the manufacturer to construct a new power system facility just south of its current plant on FM 1417 facility.

“This project is really a power generation facility that will improve the quality and reliability of power generation at the Globitech facility,” said Jonathan Payne, representing the engineering firm Teague Nall and Perkins.

Representatives for the manufacturer requested permission to build the new facility with a 10-foot setback in lieu of he required 55-foot setback.

The new equipment will help prevent outages and other electrical issues that have affected the company in recent years. In 2017 alone, Globitech experienced 15 utility outages. Representatives for the business were told that all upgrades that could improve the reliability of the distribution feeders servicing the facility were already made.

In addition to providing power during outages, representatives for Globitech said the equipment would also supplement electric service during peek demand hours.

P&Z Chairman Clay Mahone noted that the plans for the project also show a chain length fence protecting the facility. He added that this feature, and reduced setbacks, are fairly common among buildings in the neighborhood.

Commission member Shawn Davis expressed concerns that the facility could cause noise pollution when it was in operation. Mark Fisher, representing 3rd Generation Engineers, said a noise study had been completed and noise would be below ambient levels at FM 1417. This would be achieved by venting sound upward from the facility, he said.

The request was approved by the commission by unanimous vote.