The Westlake Town home addition looking at moving to Denison moved one step closer to breaking ground this week. Tuesday. The Westlake Town home addition will be located at the corner of Crawford Street and Lillis Lane in Denison near U.S. Highway 75.

There will be a total of 12 units between the six buildings. There will be a smaller 1,100 square foot unit and a larger 1,400 square foot unit. Each unit will have it’s own parking garage.

Denison Planning and Zoning Commission approved a preliminary site plan for the project during Tuesday’s meeting.

Denison City Planner Bill Medina said the plan was likely to change due to difficulty arising from the complicated topography because of a FEMA flood plane adjacent to the property.

“Due to the difficult topography the developer is going to utilize that for open space for the tenants there,” Medina said. “I think it is going to be a nice feature. We are strongly encouraged that they were able to work around the environmental conditions in the topography.”

Medina said the city staff anticipates there will be changes to the orientation of the units as the project moves forward to accommodate for that topography challenge. He said the project will also include a 24-foot private drive access easement and fire lane in the middle of the property to allow access to the town homes.

City Council previously approved the development as a planned development in October. At the time developer Drew Landrum talked about how excited he was to bring the additional 12-unit town homes to the city.

Landrum said there will be sidewalks along Lillis Lane and Crawford Street.

“Overall we’re really excited about it,” he said. “We think it is going to be a great for residents and its going to be a marketable property in Denison.”

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