Red River ER in Sherman may soon expand its scope of services. The freestanding ER, located between Lamberth and Taylor along U.S. Highway 75, will present plans for an expansion into a specialty hospital to the Sherman Planning and Zoning Commission next week.

Red River ER was one of three freestanding ERs that opened for business in Sherman in recent years. In the years since then, the other two emergency rooms have both changed owners and are now operating under new names.

Representatives with Medistar Corporation plan to present plans for a 9,300 square-foot expansion of the existing building to the commission. The project will feature a new med-surg wing housing four medical patient rooms and include a patient isolation room, a MRI suite, holding area and ancillary support space.

A dietary kitchen is also included in the planned expansion, but planning documents indicate that this space will only be used to warm meals that are brought in pre-plated by a third-party food vendor.

The existing building will contain the 24-hour emergency center with triage space and seven treatment room, a pharmacy, lab, radiology and administration space.

Artist renderings for the project show the new addition directly adjacent to the existing building with the words. “Red River Hospital” displayed across the front facade. The new addition will have access to the existing facility through a new walkway that will allow for the continuous structure.

Medical Director Alex Roby said the facility will be focused on elective surgery with brief stays of up to four days. The facility will also offer CT scans, MRI work and other pre-surgery services.

“We see a lot of potential with the market we have here,” he said. Roby noted that he has some patients who travel as far as McKinney for MRI work and this business could be captured locally.

Despite the transition, Roby said the hospital would continue to operate as a freestanding ER, only now with expanded hospital services. With this expansion, he said he expects to increase staff by five full-time positions and 15 positions part-time positions between the ER and hospital side.

Once construction begins, Roby said the hospital should open in about a year.

Red River ER is one of three freestanding emergency rooms that were opened within the past five years in Sherman. With the proposed changes to Red River, all three will have seen extensive changes or new ownership from when they first opened their doors.

The Emergency Center of North Texas first opened its doors in early 2018 before closing down only months later. The ER reopened in mid 2019 under new ownership as Trusted ER. Meanwhile Select ER, which opened its door in the Sherman Town Center, ceased operations as an independent ER and was folded into the Texoma Medical Center family in late 2019.