A new housing development on the outskirts of Stone Creek Golf Club passed one of its final hurdles with the city before it is set to begin development.

The development, which will include homes adjacent to the golf club’s 10th hole, will feature about 70 homes when it reaches full development. The project initially saw work by a previous developer more than a decade ago, but plans fell through.

The Sherman City Council granted a specific use permit for patio homes for the Holly Heights development when it met Monday. The permit request was approved with light discussion by the council.

“Essentially we are just requesting a number of lots to be patio homes and that is more for the front and rear setbacks,” developer Josh Holley said Monday. “It will allow you to have more buildable space.”

Josh Holley said there have been misnomers in the past that patio homes are always smaller houses. However, in this case Holley said the homes in the development will range from 1,600 square feet up to about 3,500 square feet. Instead, the patio home designation will allow them to build closer to the lot line and have smaller yards.

“A patio home is not necessarily what a lot of people think,” he said. “It will be the same home, just different setbacks.”

The need for patio homes is spurred in part by the topography of the site. The land adjacent to the golf course has notable hills that would require the use of retaining walls and excavation to build within normal setbacks. However, the hills and landscape add to the appeal and it would be a detriment to remove them, developer Amber Holley said.

“Part of the charm is the grand elevations on the back, so we really want to maintain as much of that as we can while creating unique building sites,” she said.

Of the nearly 70 homes in the development, Holley said about 50 will be patio homes with modified setbacks.

Holley previously said he was uncertain of when the previous developer started work on the development but estimated that it was around the opening of the course some time around 2009. Utilities and some work were already in place prior to the Holleys starting development.

“The exciting thing about this project is that as of right now we will have some lots that are ready to go as soon as we can start,” Amber Holley said.

In addition to the previously-completed street work, Josh Holley said there were other recent developments that made the project attractive.

With development completed on other projects along the FM 1417 corridor, and the new high school slated to open this year, the development is in a high growth area. Proposed improvements to U.S. Highway 75 that are expected to begin later this month include a new south-bound exit ramp just outside the development as well, he said.

Josh Holley said he plans to start the first phase of street and infrastructure improvements some time in the next three to four months, with the first wave of homes starting simultaneously.

He said that he has spoken with the city about reimbursements for road work done in the development, but an agreement has not been put in place.