With the changing of the season comes an opportunity to change one’s personal style with new fashions. While style can vary from season to season, experts recommend doing a large-scale overhaul at least once a year.

Lauren Vocelle, a representative for Macy’s, said the fall season brings about out exciting fashions and trends that make it a good time to review one’s closet.

“Every season brings new trends, but fall seems to be the season that brings the most exciting fashions trends and changes,” Vocelle said.

With seasonal fashions, Vocelle said the best gauge on what to rotate out is looking at what you normally wear. If something hasn’t been worn in quite some time, it is a prime candidate to be discarded.

“It’s always a good idea to reassess those trendy purchases from season to season, but a good rule of thumb here – if you haven’t worn something in over a year, it’s time to remove it from your closet,” Vocelle said.

Despite suggesting rotating out one’s wardrobe annually, Vocelle said that some items and styles are evergreen and quintessential. Pieces such as denim and the classic white tee can be mixed with seasonal and annual trends easily.

“Those pieces you want to keep in your closet are the staples and basics and the everyday pieces you can incorporate with those trendy finds that happen throughout each season,” she said. “These on-trend, seasonal pieces are perfect complements to those classic, transitional wardrobe pieces such as the denim or leather jacket, that perfect white tee, basic boyfriend jeans, etc. These are those piece which will always be in style to some degree.”

Vocelle said that Macy’s offers personal stylist services to help sort out wardrobes for each season. Here are some recommendations for the season:

1. Plaid A-Line Dress
For the season, Macy’s personal stylists suggests plaid, including the junior’s cotton plaid a-line dress by Volcom. The dress features a square neckline with side-button closures and adjustable straps.

2. Plaid Sweater Dress
Following the trend of plaid, the stylists also suggest the Tommy Hilfiger plaid asymmetrical sweater dress. The dress comes in mink and scarlet and heather grey and sunshine and features a crewneck.

3. Motorcycle Leather Jacket
For men, the stylists recommend a leather jacket this season, like the asymmetric motorcyle jacket by DKNY. This jacket features two chest welt zipper pockets, two lower welt zipper pockets and one interior welt zipper pocket.