Aesthetics is a growing industry in Texas, and Nourished MedSpa and Wellness Center in Sherman offers a wide range of procedures in the field using cutting-edge technology.

The spa, which opened in May of this year, aims to provide advanced, non-invasive health and beauty procedures to Grayson County. Dr. Jason Carter, M.D. Aesthetic Medicine, said he loves helping people feel their best, and said that’s what Nourished Medspa is all about.

“If you aren’t in medicine to make people feel good, you’re in it for the wrong reasons,” Carter said. “Whether it is heart health, kidney health, whatever the specialty is, we are all about trying to make patients better (and) more functional. That transitions into aesthetics as well.”

The spa is all about helping people find their best self, Carter said. He relies on a number of cutting-edge equipment and procedures to achieve those ends and said he often gets patients from Paris to Gainesville and everywhere in between. Carter said he loves Texoma the area and its people, and that having a personal relationship with his patients is important for him.

Like any other medical facility, everything starts with a diagnosis. Carter uses a special device that scans a person’s face using three different types of light to find spots, wrinkles, pores and other blemishes the patient may wish to address. Patients are also measured using a 3D scanning machine to create a full 360 degree image of the patient to measure their full body, a more accurate method than just using a tape measure.

Before any injections, the doctor uses an AccuVein machine to detect all the patient’s veins to help prevent injecting Botox into a blood vessel. In addition to Botox, testosterone is another popular injection the spa can administer.

The spa also has its own laser room that features equipment utilized in hair or tattoo removal, among other benefits. Allergy testing is another preventative measure the spa offers, as well as flu shots and EKG testing. Other features include the spa’s ability to mix what Carter called “IV cocktails” that can be used to inject vitamins and iron infusions to promote health. One of the spa’s popular mixes is used to reduce the effects of a hangover.

“Overall, people are talking about aesthetics. It’s growing,” Carter said. “Texas has one of the largest aesthetics industries that I am aware of. We lead the nation in the number of med spas. The environment is a little different in Texas. The spa is primarily for folks who are looking to do non-invasive things to make themselves look and feel better. A lot of our physical appearance impacts our own self-esteem. (When) folks come in, it makes them feel better.”

Another popular procedure the spa offers is an anti-aging procedure known as the “vampire facial.” This is done using a process of injecting platelet-rich plasma into the skin. Carter said the procedure was made popular by celebrity Kim Kardashian.

“What we will do is draw a vial of their blood,” Carter said. “We will draw their blood into the tube, then spin it down. At the bottom of the tube are red cells and white cells (and) at the top is the serum that has platelets in it. We take those platelets and use them for aesthetic purposes.”

Carter said platelets have five growth factors and can be place directly on the skin or injected using a device called a “skin pin” to do what is known as micro-needling. He compared the process to the way a golf course injects fertilizer into the soil. A part of the procedure is to push the platelets into the skin using micro-channels to grow new collagen.

To ensure the patient’s safety, the blood samples never leave the room. The doctor will draw blood then perform the necessary blood work with the patient still sitting in the chair. Carter said it is done that way to make sure that the patient only gets their own blood.

“We want to get people looking and feeling better about themselves,” Carter said. “That involves issues like brightening up the skin, taking care of lines and wrinkles, (or) maybe they are looking to ‘open’ their face a little bit by lifting the brow. Sometimes when the brow is depressed you can look tired or fatigued. We can brighten it up to make you look refreshed, like you had a good night’s sleep.”

The doctor can also use the same equipment to administer joint injections to alleviate the joint pain in certain patients.

Weight loss is another popular health benefit that many come to the facility for. Carter said it is common for people to come to the spa after the holidays for some quick weight loss. He uses a radio frequency machine to burn fat cells by blasting them with radio waves and can also provide massage and aroma therapy in the same room.

Carter said his entire goal is to make people feel their best, and it all starts with proper skin care.

“The first thing is let’s get back to the cellular level, let’s get back to the basic, good skin care regiment,” Carter said. “You can spend all the money in the world on skin care, (even) do plastic surgery, but if you don’t have a good skin care regiment you are shooting yourself in the foot. That is where we start. That is the basis. That is the first stop we make.”

For more information, visit or call 903-357-5108.