One of Denison’s road construction projects was delayed Monday night when the city council rejected all bids for the project. The construction was set to begin in March, but the Flora Lane project will now have to wait a bit longer to breakground.

The first bid was by Vessels Construction at $1,876,411.67. The second bid received was by Lynn Vessels Construction and was a difference of $500,000. The city staff requested the council reject the bids due to an issue with a subcontractor that was included in the bids as well as the discrepancy in the amounts.

“There was quite a spread in the bids,” Denison City Manager Jud Rex said in a phone interview. “The one low bid we got and the second lowest bid, there was half a million difference. Looking at that, we wanted to reject the bids and make sure we are getting the best value but also getting qualified subcontractors for that.”

Rex said the project wasn’t scheduled to begin before March before bids were rejected, and this decision will set the city back about a month due to the rebidding process. He believes the city will get a higher quality bid out of the process by opening bidding back up.

Officials have also stated they wants to prioritize road construction for 2020. The city held a town hall late last year to provide information to the public on several street projects the city was working on. One of the projects that was considered a priority is the stretch of the road between Lum Lane and Imperial Drive.

Rex said in July last year the area was a concern due to the increased traffic related to the schools in the area.