Monday evening, Denison redefined what take out, delivery and meal prep services could mean for the city when it paved the way for a meal preparation business to begin operating within the city Monday night.

The City Council adopted a resolution that changed the definitions of the city’s use tables as well as defined uses that would allow for take out, delivery and meal preparation services to be zoned in the city under commercial, central area and local retail sites.

Denison City Planner Bill Medina said the city was needing to update its ordinance to keep up with changes in the market.

“We have been getting inquiries about food preparation,” Medina said. “Maybe some of you have noticed there is a changing trend in the market in how food is sold and served. We have smaller type businesses opening up in which the business will prep your food for a week and ship it out to you. Currently, we figured it would fall under something like a catering service outlined in our ordinance. We figured we can kind of wrap all that in together and update our ordinance to keep moving forward with the changing market to try to keep up with everybody else.”

The ordinance will also allow permitting of meal preparation businesses. The zones that will be authorized to house the new types of businesses categories included commercial, central area and local retail districts.

The ordinance defines food catering, take out service or small food preparation as an establishment in which the principal use is the preparation of food or meals on the premises and where such food or meals are delivered to another location for consumption or distribution and where such use occupies not more than 5,000 square feet in gross floor area.