While the contents of every man’s closet differ, there should always be room for a few essentials. Local lawyer Britton Brooks offered his take on five wardrobe staples every man should assemble for himself.


Whether it’s for the office, interviews, or formal affairs, well-tailored suits are a must-have for any man who wants to be seen as successful.

“It’s good to have a dark and a light suit,” says Brooks. “The dark suit is good for more formal occasions. The lighter suit is good for when you want to take the tie off and have some fun or be more casual.”


Putting your best foot forward and cementing your style is hard if you don’t have the right footwear. Brooks says a good pair of quality leather or alligator-skin boots are both long-lasting and flexible with different outfits.

“(Boots) don’t cost much more than good pair of street shoes, but (street shoes) will wear out on you more quickly,” Brooks says. “You get a good pair of nice dress shoes and they scratch up real quick. I got my boots in ‘07 and I wear them pretty much every day, all the time. And I’ll probably have them for 30 years.”

A tough pair of hiking boots also earns a spot on Brooks’ list.

“They’re great if you want to get some work done or go up to Eisenhower State Park and get on the trails.”

Dress Watch

And last but not least, it’s time to mention the timepiece. A sharp dress watch will help keep any man on track throughout the day and is sure to be a conversation starter.

“I think a nice watch is a big one,” Brooks says. “I always go analog and whether it’s got a leather or metal band, just go classy with the look. People really do notice a good watch.”

Workout Gear

A collection of athletic attire is also important to every man’s wardrobe and one key to staying healthy and in shape.

“Maybe a solid pair of running shoes or basketball shoes,” Brooks says. “Some comfortable shorts and a shirt that’ll help keep you cool, or one you don’t mind sweating through at the gym.”

Blue Jeans

Denim blue jeans have been around for well over a century and it’s no surprise that they fit into Brooks’ five essentials. Styles, washes and cuts vary so there’s a pair for every look.

“A good-fitting pair of blue jeans is key for a man’s closet,” Brooks says. “If I don’t have to worry about getting dressed up, that’s what I’m wearing all over town. And for me, it’s boot-cut all day long.”