“For an attorney to go into a courtroom, — at a minimum — they have to wearing slacks and a jacket of some type. Many judges in Texas require men to wear at least a suit jacket when going into the well of a courtroom to speak.

I loved the way attorneys looked back in the 1950s and 1960s — the days of the “gentleman lawyer.” I like to take it back to the old school a little bit. I like bringing back the suspenders and the three-piece suit.

My go-to outfit is always going to be a good looking pair of “gator boots” from Risk shoes. And I get my suits over at Tom Janes. They don’t cost you any more than the average Men’s Wearhouse suit, but they’ll come to your office and fit the suits to you.

I always get three-piece (suits), because you can take off the vest in the summer and just go with the jacket and slacks.

In the winter, I like a good half-trench coat. They can serve as a suit jacket when you have to be in court but you’re also in a hurry.

I always want to be the best-dressed guy in the courtroom. I think of the most successful criminal defense lawyers that I go up against — take Bob Jarvis, for example — I always want to look better than Bob Jarvis when I’m up in front of that jury.

I think that jurors appreciate a well-dressed attorney. I want to look like I’m prepared and I’m organized.

I find that jurors always notice the ties and the boots. But I also like to mix it up with different cuff links every now and then, too. You want to look like your jury in some way.

There was a time not that long ago, that I was told by a group of pretty good trial attorneys that jurors didn’t like beards. I find now that a lot of my male jurors, usually more than half, have some type of facial hair. So having (facial hair) really never held me back and I like to age myself a bit as well.

I think we all know what it feels like to be underdressed at an event. You just don’t have as much confidence. (Dressing well) absolutely builds confidence. The better you look and the better you feel, the better your presentation will be to the jury and the judge.

I also know attorneys who wear dusters in the courtroom and they go full on with the western hat. I dig that, too.

I like to have my style and I like it when people have their own individual style. When a client comes in to meet with you, you’ve got to look prepared, professional, and well-kempt.

My clients are instructed to dress like they’re going to church. I want them to (put) their best foot forward.”