The fall season brings a lot of changes. In nature, there’s the changing of the leaves and the start of cooler weather. Holiday shopping season is also in full force, and with it comes the need to breath fresh life into those outfits that have been sitting around your closet.

The women at Treasure Trunk consignment store offered some succinct fall fashion tips — an ensemble mix and match style guide with tips on how to get a little extra usage out of those old clothes that aren’t quite ready for the donation bin.

“People come in with a skirt or a blazer and say ‘we want a new look,’” Owner Gina Vicars said. “We select jewelry and shoes if it’s a dress with maybe a jacket to go over it. We have women come in who have a few pieces to work with and we will make a five-day wardrobe out of it. We start building (with) blouses, dresses and cardigan sweaters. Usually the goal is to get them a five-day week wardrobe for under $200. We put heals with it, flats and a few blouses. Then we mix and match.”

Mixing and matching is what sales clerk Lauryn Wise specializes in.

“Women will spend money on good quality clothes,” Wise said. “I would be more willing to do so if I can re-wear it with different things. I would mix different jackets with pants. I would wear a dress with another top. You can do so many things. It’s all the same pieces, just on a more casual scale.”

First up are five things every woman needs in her closet to survive the fall season. Business attire is key, as it can be flexible in both purpose and presentation. By starting with these five items, a woman can mix things into multiple outfits in a few easy steps.

The first piece to consider is the blazer. By layering a flat colored brown or black blazer or jacket over an outfit you can achieve a new look quickly and easily. Jackets need to be dark colors, such as brown or black. Fall colors like olive, mustard and maroons are good for this time of year.

Next up is a staple in any woman’s closet — the ubiquitous “little black dress.” Throwing a jacket or blazer over the dress can easily give it a new look. The little black dress is a key element that can be mixed with other items to keep the outfit fresh. One thing to avoid, however, is clunky jewelry. The little black dress is an anchor item of the assortment.

The formal pantsuit with slacks or dress pants can also a make a good wardrobe center piece and help mix things up. One eye-catching look is replacing the slack pants with a pencil skirt to give the look of a pant while showing off some skin. The key is to keep the skirt just above the knee.

When looking for ways to spruce up casual wear with a more business feel, it could be worthwhile to throw in a nice pair of jeans mixed with a tank top, specifically tank tops with flashy prints or bold colors work well. When mixing with a pair of jeans, it works to mix with different colors. Mixing and matching comes down to personal preference. Blue and browns are your best bets for layering.

Mixing prints on shirts or blazers is also good. Basic colors for skirts or dresses and bold, bright and colorful shirts underneath was another big tip Vicars and Wise offered.

“Start with what you have to wear,” Wise said. “I would say accessorize and layer the clothes.”

Wise said she took a pantsuit and added a dress with it. By putting a dress underneath, the ensemble turned into two outfits. Then by adding a skirt and a tank top blouse to the mix, even more combinations were possible.

The most important consideration Wise said was setting and season. It’s key to know in what setting the outfit will be worn, though some of it comes down to personal preference. Warm, natural, earthy colors are good this time of year.