Whether you are single, married, or have a family, the question of “what am I going to fix for dinner?” inevitably comes up — and often at the worst times. Like when you get off work, come home and open the fridge, only to realize all you have is an egg and some string cheese. Or by the time you come home and gather the ingredients to cook dinner, the recipe says it will take three hours to complete. Nine times out of ten, you probably end up eating out or ordering a pizza.

An oftentimes healthier, time-saving alternative? Meal prepping. Kristin Boyd is a local certified nutritionist and highly recommends meal prepping for many reasons.

“Prepping your food can be beneficial for many reasons, such as saving time and money and preventing food waste,” Boyd said. “From a nutritional standpoint, meal prepping can help cut down on portion sizes resulting in less calories overall.”

The main thing to keep in mind is that there is no “perfect recipe” for meal prepping. It’s a learning process that will be different for everyone, so don’t let it overwhelm you.

“You can always start with some simple food prep,” Boyd suggested. “When you get home from the grocery store, wash all of your produce and prep what you need for the week. Cut up fruit and veggies as snacks, chop onions and peppers for recipes, mix up any marinades you need — prepare as much as you can ahead of time to make dinner time less stressful.”

Meal prepping can be a daunting task, but if you plan accordingly you can actually save time, energy, and money throughout the week, and the benefits can be well worth the time.

Rebecca Combs was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and has settled down in Denison, starting a food/fashion/travel/lifestyle blog known as The Denison Dish. Visit her online at www.thedenisondish.com or email her at rebecca@thedenisondish.com.