Getting older in life is when a lot of people begin thinking about retirement. While retiring isn’t exactly the same as changing a career, it is a major life change that does involve leaving behind one’s comfortable career. However, there are those who opt not to retire entirely, but instead start a second career. Terri Weir is one such business woman who has taken that plunge right before her 60th birthday.

Weir has gone from working at her parents’ marina on Lake Texoma to becoming a driving force in the Lake Texoma Association. Now, she and her husband have left their comfortable life behind so Weir can start her new career in Oklahoma City. She has recently completed all the necessary work to become a licensed Realtor in the state of Oklahoma.

“We decided to take the leap,” Weir said. “We started working towards that end. At some point it was suggested I should become a Realtor. It wasn’t something I had ever considered before. In that moment I felt it was a good fit for me. At this time in my life, at this age, in this new environment.”

Weir said she was drawn to Lake Texoma in 2007 to work at Buncombe Creek Marina, which her parents owned. She said she fully enjoyed her time in Texoma and recognizes the joys of being in a country setting, but for her and her husband, it was time for a change.

“We really wanted to move to the city,” Weir said. “We moved (to Texoma) from Dallas. We had always lived in a big city. We really like it here (in OKC). It is very diverse; there are a lot of parks and lakes and things to do here.”

Weir has enjoyed her time in Texoma, but was ready to get back to the city. It’s all about the change of pace. While there are great amenities in Texoma, the distance to travel was the only downside. No matter what she wants to do in Oklahoma City, she said, it’s only a short drive, walk or trek to get there. Despite the move, Weir said she still has ties to Texoma. She still has family here and enjoys coming down for visits. She said she loves the people here and knows she can always come back if that is the direction life takes her.

One thing that has made the transition easier is that she will now only work part-time, leaving her time to “enjoy life more.” She said her husband has even found a second career in painting. Weir said he loves art and does a lot of work concerning landmarks around Oklahoma City.

Weir said she has been a business professional her entire life and has set high standards for herself when it comes to business. She has learned to adjust to the changing landscape of technology, too, and said she is a pro at texting and responding promptly to phone calls and emails.

“I have been doing a lot of networking and relationship building through my Lake Texoma Life job, which I think will serve me well in this (new) job,” Weir said. “I feel like I can say I am a business professional. Even though this is a new field to me, I have been well trained and I have great support through my broker.”

Going from one career to another is a challenge in itself. For Weir, there was a learning curve. She said while she was comfortable taking the real estate classes she was shocked at how difficult some of it was and how much there was to learn, and was amazed at her ability to absorb it all.

The one thing she said that could have kept her from doing it — and the thing that keeps others from pursuing their own dreams — is fear. Weir said she had plenty of opportunities to give in to the fear of starting over.

“Go for it. Life is too short to get locked into something that doesn’t light your fire,” Weir said. “For us, it was (partially about) moving to a city that we wanted. It was about having more opportunities, having things close by. We weren’t unhappy, but it wasn’t us.”

While she does miss her grandchildren and the slower pace of life, she is finding her place in her new life. Weir said a new career in a new city is scary, but she pushed past the fear and made the plunge. And to that end, she has no regrets.

“Figuring out who you are is important. You only get one shot at life,” she said. “A lot of people stay in places where they aren’t blossoming because they have a fear of changing.We were not afraid. We didn’t force this change. We kept moving forward. Everything kept falling into place. We could have stayed were we were and missed this opportunity. I’m glad we pursued it. Do what is the right thing for you and don’t be afraid.”