As wallpaper makes it way back into modern design, it’s an opportune time to use patterns reminiscent of the past to incorporate a sense of history into a room. Use it on one wall for an accent or an entire room to create a vintage feel.

Reclaimed Pieces

With the recent farmhouse-chic craze, it’s become easier than ever to incorporate reclaimed pieces. Wood recovered from a barn or stained glass rescued from a deteriorating church can bring a real sense of history and style to any home.

Repop Vintage

Add style and history to your game room or man cave with repop vintage signs made to look old but easier to find than traditional pieces. These signs tend to cover a wide range of pop culture references from automotive to candy and soda. The options are endless.


What better way to bring about a sense of history and education than through old photographs and artwork? A vintage photograph in a nice frame can be the perfect addition to any home, whether modern or historic in nature. This small touch can help incorporate the old with the new in a simple way.


Antiques like vintage photographs are easy to incorporate with contemporary design. A well-placed antique sofa or armoire can help bring the history of the time from which it came without completely overtaking the current décor in a room.