With the coming of fall and soon winter, temperatures will begin to drop across Texoma. In preparation for the changing season, local heating ventilation and air conditioning techs are giving advice on how home owners can ready their system for the cooler months.

Here are three tips for getting ready for fall:

Keep the unit clean

One key to keeping a system working properly is to ensure that it is working properly, said Ronnie Wester, a HVAC tech with Allen Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning.

For systems with a heat pump condenser, home owners should do a seasonal check to ensure that it is clean and free of debris.

Home owners should also ensure that their system has a proper cover and make sure that it is secure and working properly. This will help keep fall debris, including leaves, out of the system, Wester said.

“Any time a system gets clogged, it won’t work as efficiently,” he said.

Regularly change air filters

Regardless of the season, Wester said residents should regularly change the air filters in their home. However, how frequently you should change filters can vary based on several household aspects.

For example, homeowners with dogs or cats should change their filters about every month due to the possibility of animal hair becoming lodged in the system.

“If you live on a country road and leave your windows open, I would also say once a month,” Wester said.

At the very least, all residents should change their filters once every three months, with the change of seasons serving as a good indicator.

Schedule a seasonal check up

Outside of do-it-yourself care, Wester suggests that homeowners call a professional service technician to conduct seasonal check ups and tune ups of their heating and air systems. Most residents should do this about twice a year, with spring and fall as good times to seek service. Many providers offer special fall rates on regular service about this time of year, too Wester added.