Sherman’s former Hastings Entertainment location is expected to reopen its doors with the hopes of attracting furniture buyers. Representatives with Sherman’s Signature Home Furniture have already begun moving into the former entertainment and book retailer within the next two weeks.

This will mark the first new permanent tenant to take on the Texoma Parkway storefront since Hastings closed all of its retail stores in the fall of 2016 following a bankruptcy filing earlier that year. Since then, the building has remained vacant except for seasonal use as a Halloween store.

“For us, this is a much nicer building than where we are now,” Signature Home Furniture owner Lonnie Watterson said. “The technology here is newer and easier to work with for our phones and other needs.”

For the past five and a half years, Signature Home Furniture has maintained a storefront on Taylor Street next to Planet Fitness and across from the Sherman Kroger location. Prior to that, the furniture retailer spent several years in what is now the Harbor Freight building.

Watterson said rental negotiations with his current landlord caused him to seek a new location elsewhere in Sherman. In his time at the current building, Watterson said his rent has nearly doubled.

Watterson had been working on the move for about two years, but bankruptcy proceedings made the process difficult.

The two buildings are close in size, but a large portion of the Taylor Street building, a former grocery store, was taken up by warehouse space. The new location will have a much larger showroom, but minimal on-site storage space.

Workers were busy finishing the last parts of the remodel into the new year Thursday as pieces of furniture were being moved into the new storefront. Meanwhile, a credit card reader dating back to the Hastings days stood on a nearby counter, diligently advertising for the former retailer and its social media accounts, long after it had gone.

Outside of the card reader, Watterson said there were several items left at the store from its time as Hastings, Most notably, many of the metal shelving units were still in place when he took over the facility.

“I tried to get them donated to a school or library,” he said. “But Goodwill eventually came out and took them.”

Watterson said he decided to stain most of the existing concrete floors of the building as a part of the remodel. However, it took workers about two weeks to scrape the floors down and prepare them for the work. Outside of the floors and other decor, Watterson said the building required very little work to prepare it for its new life.

“This is all aesthetic; the bones of the building were and still are real good,” he said.

On the store’s Facebook page, the retailer said that it would be liquidating much of its stock at the current location to avoid having to transport everything. Once the new store opens, Watterson said he plans to fully leave the current location.

Despite plans for much of the storefront, Watterson said he is still deciding what to do with the former coffee shop that was attached to Hastings. While he is considering using it as a meeting space aimed at female business owners, Watterson said he has been approached by multiple restaurants or coffee shops that are interested in utilizing the space.

Watterson said he was not worried about having a location away from the highway, stating that many of his returning customers preferred the Taylor Street location than the location near the highway due to access issues.

“What we have found is that our following will follow us wherever we go,” he said.