Denison on Ice wraps up with a 31-percent increase in attendance over last year. This Sunday the city will offer it's final program for the skating rink, the Skate Night Date Night that will be couples only from 9-10 p.m.

Denison Parks and Recreation Assistant Director Kimberly Bowen described it as a phenomenal season.

“We had some new programming we offered this year,” Bowen said. “We are seeing the success of that. Through feedback we learned of additional programming we are going to look into possibly introducing next year. The rink itself has been decorated this year in a way that really enhances the atmosphere of the holiday season.”

Bowen said the larger rink was a big draw for a lot of people. The last week of the season the city hosted the Allen Americans hockey teams where athletes skated with visitors of the skating rink. The city also provided a concession stand this year along with a mug that could be purchased that offered free refills of hot chocolate during the season.

Bowen said the other big attraction that was new this year was the adaptive skating for those seeking a slower pace skating with a more peaceful environment.

“The families we've seen coming out this season is nice to look out and see the smiles on the skaters,” Bowen said. “We enjoy seeing them come together and have something they can enjoy together.”

The season will come to an end on Sunday. The rink will be open daily until then 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. with date night on Sunday from 9-10 p.m.

“This season its been a joyful really heartwarming mood we've seen,” Bowen said. “Everybody that walks through the door is excited to have this time to spend with their families. It is a multi-generational thing. It is something that brings the family together no matter what their age is. It has been extremely phenomenal to see these families together. They laugh and smile together, it truly is a time of family unity.”

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