The post holiday shopping season continues to bring customers to local businesses in Grayson County.

Ivert Mayhugh, owner of A Touch of Class Antique Mall in downtown Sherman said the post holiday shopping season can be as important to local stores as the rest of the month is for all of retail.

“Christmas is important for us as in any retail business,” Mayhugh said. “It's the holiday season and people are out having a good time. A lot of people come here to look at our museum. We have a lot of people who like to buy “green merchandise” things that have been enjoyed by someone else. This has been a good season as the weather has been helpful. The activities the downtown puts on has also been helpful with the city square and the Christmas lights.”

Mayhugh said in his business returns aren't what drives shoppers in after Christmas because he doesn't really take returns. He said it could be people getting cash or gift cards for Christmas or sometimes they go out shopping afterwards to get the thing they wanted but nobody got them.

Mayhugh said there have been a variety of shoppers from all over looking for something different.

“In case of the antique mall, there are people that love to collect,” Mayhugh said. “Most people buy things to use. We enjoy travellers too. We have two billboards on the highway that catch the eye of the travellers. We have a cash register at check out and one by the museum. People tell us where they are from and how they found us, tourism is big and any holiday will attract tourists.”

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He said the thing that he enjoys the most about the shopping season is it brings people from all over. He likes to go out of his way to decorate his store to fit the mood. He even has a big collection of Nutcrackers with 400 on display in the store, two large ones in the front windows greeting customers.

He said board games and collectibles are always strong sellers. He also said this year they had a children's gift center set up where kids could select a $1-$5 item, gift wrap it at a Santa Workshop while their parents shopped around.

The days between Christmas and New Years are really good for downtown businesses. Mayhugh said he sees an uptick the day after Christmas that continues into the new year.

Glitzy Girlz Boutique employee Holley Murphy said they had good foot traffic the day after Christmas with a lot of customers cashing in their “Glitzy Girl Bucks” they can get from shopping from now to the end of the year.

“Historically it is not just us but any retail store between November and December is huge,” Murphy said. “We are lucky in we have a pretty steady traffic flow year round. We do a good job keeping cute items in stock that are affordable with everyone. We change real well with the seasons.”

She said sweaters were a popular item this year. She also mentioned the upstairs section devoted to plus size women was a big hit.

“We are busy with holiday shopping but also our regular customers who shop a lot,” Murphy said. “We don't have huge amounts of returns. Usually if anything it is something someone has to exchange the size but they want the same item. We haven't had a lot of people who are displeased with the item. We want everyone to know we're here to help. When they leave we want them to feel good about themselves.”

Chris Freeman is the assistant manager with Main Street Mall in Denison. She said the Holiday shopping seasons is a major part of their business and that the city takes the downtown holiday attractions very seriously.

“The holidays are important to us as a community,” Freeman said. “They have been making this a holiday destination. We have Denison on Ice that brings people to town. We are all excited they just opened the TRYIncubator that gives us another during option downtown. All the businesses are cohesive getting ready for the holidays and decorating.”

Freeman said she had people coming in earlier than normal looking for Christmas decorations this year. She said they were anxious to get Christmas in their hearts. The day after Christmas was a big day for them as well. She said they will be open on New Years and that the week between the two holidays continues to attract a lot of shoppers from all around the area.

She said it helps that people like giving gift certificates. That drives the post-holiday season sales and keeps everyone in a good mood she said.

Restaurants also enjoy an uptick in business during the holiday season as people come into the area from out of town to visit family. MG's Manager Chanel Stiggers said her business benefits from the post-holiday season surge as people grow tired of seasonal food and are ready for a burger and fries.

El Tapatio Manager Javier Torres in Denison said his establishment didn't have the normal uptick in sales the season normally brings. He said it wasn't just the one in Denison, he said the regional locations he talked to in Gainesville and Durant also indicated sales were lower than expected. He said it wasn't bad just not as good as expected more like a normal month than a typical holiday season.