The Denison Independent School board has planned $2,776,000 worth of two renovation projects for one of its campuses. The school board met on Tuesday to consider a budget amendment that would authorize the funds as well as select the contractor to perform the work on the two projects.

The first project will upgrade the heating/ventilation and air system along with necessary related roof repairs at Scott Middle School. The other project is to install restrooms at the high school tennis courts.

DISD Superintendent Henry Scott said the funding for the project will be coming from the district’s reserves and was not related to the recently passed bond to expand two of the district’s elementary campuses.

“It has a very old air conditioning system that is going to be changed out to something that can run efficiently,” Scott said. “As part of that we are reroofing a big portion of that building. As a side part of that overall project, we’re building restrooms at the tennis courts. Right now athletes have to go inside the building to use the restroom. We’re going to have restrooms out in that area.”

The upgrades have been on the district’s radar for at least the past two years. Scott said the system breaks down regularly and is several decades old.

Plyler Construction was selected to complete the work.

“It is going to be a fast project; it will be done over the summer,” Denison Assistant Superintendent Randy Reid said.

The funding for the project is coming from the fund balance and was not included in the bond that was recently passed.

Board member Randy Sedlacek asked about the bids from the other contractors, and Reid said the difference between the next lowest bid was close to $290K.

Reid said all of the firms were close the only difference was in price, which Plyler had the most attractive price for the district.

It will leave the district with a little over three months of reserves in the fund balance Reid said.

The restrooms will be available for all students.

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