Denison Education Foundation President Courtney Morris presented $18,627 worth of grants to the Denison Independent School District Tuesday evening.

Denison ISD Superintendent Henry Scott said the foundation has always been good to the school district with its grants.

It supports our teachers and students in the classrooms,” Scott said. “They do a wonderful job with the amount of money they put back in the school district over 21 years is phenomenal.”

“It was really exciting to see one of the programs the foundation has funded led to something like this. I think it is amazing and makes us really happy,” Morris said following a presentation by B. McDaniel students showing off a recent LEGO robotics project.

She presented the five grants to the school board for approval following a Lego demonstration. She then presented each grant to those recipients present.

The first grant was a for $5,000 to Scott Middle School Librarian Kari Uber for the Growing a Passion for Reading One Book at a Time project.

“By the time many students reach our school, they have begun to lose their motivation to read,” Uber said in the grant summary report. “My goal is to provide a program for these students where they will find their passion for reading for both enjoyment and information. The goal is for them to find that internal motivation that will continue to help them through high school and college.”

The second grant was $4,964 presented to Houston Elementary School second grade teacher Lisa Cobble for her Molding the Minds of America’s Future Scientists project. Her goal is to provide second grade students with real life science experiments using science equipment and tools.

The third project was $2,000 to Kenna Brandt and Carla Bucher for A Recipe for Successful Reading at the Lamar Elementary School.

The fourth grant was $2,000 to Ashley Smith and Kenna Smith at Lamar Elementary School for the Ladders to Literacy and Math program.

The Fifth grant was $4,663 to Brandon Fisher for an Intonation Lab for instrumental music grades 6-12.