After more than two months of being closed, the 300 block of Main Street in Denison is now open following a fire that destroyed three buildings on the city block.

Denison residents and officials learned a structure fire had broken out along the north side of the 300 block of west Main Street on Oct. 9. Firefighters from multiple agencies responded in an attempt to save the buildings in the vicinity. Shortly after, the city responded by declaring the area a disaster which opened up funding to help move things forward.

Monday afternoon, the road was finally open on both sides. Denison’s Main Street Director Donna Dow said things are finally start to look somewhat normal again.

“We’re very excited to have the street opened back up and the parking where people can get closer to the businesses,” Dow said. “It seems like it is more back to normal. As a city we’re anxious to have new buildings constructed there and move on. The slogan we have been using is #DenisonForward. It seems like everybody involved has taken that and dealt with it. Now we look forward to greater things coming.”

Dow said the contractor said it could take anywhere from 30-60 days to complete the demolition and clean up the ruble, but the city was relieved to see it was done in under two weeks.

“The next step is we are looking to try to come up with a coordinated effort so the property owners can rebuild on the site,” she said. “We’re anxious for them to begin construction. The business owners are excited to have the traffic opened both ways.”

Dow said the businesses that have been relocated temporarily are hoping to be back in their original locations as soon as possible.

“Right now, we’re anxious to start the streetscape project and see what great things 2020 has to bring.”

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