Denison Police Department Detective Kyle Mackay was greeted by a number of law enforcement agents from all over the county who witnessed him receive the Denison employee of the year award this week. Denison City Manager Jud Rex said the city usually reveals the award at a special ceremony but felt this one was deserving of a public demonstration.

The award was presented at the City Council meeting Monday.

“I have been blessed with loving what I do and who I do it with,” Mackay said about receiving the award.

Mackay joined the department in 2008 before moving into the role of detective in 2012. He has since made a name for himself in the surrounding criminal justice community ranging from his work with local law enforcement agencies to assisting the Federal Bureau of Investigations with a fraud case that involved $500 million.

Mackay is no stranger to recognition either having received an commendation from the Grayson County District Attorney's office and receiving the Denison City Managers Award of Excellence both earlier this year.

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“First thanks goes to the city,” Mackay said at the meeting. “I have been working here over 11 years and I love it. I love working for the city of Denison. I love every employee from the top down. The department has been great to me. Family has been good and I enjoy coming to work every day. Everyone I work with I can't do it alone. Patrol starts it and it goes all the way through. We really are a team. I wish this was a team award but it is only because everyone at the police department is on the same team. I truly believe that.”

Year-to-date Mackay has been involved in 414 cases. In that time, he has managed to clear 353 of those cases while filing 188 of them for prosecution.

“If as a city we made a list of what we value, at the very top of that list would be our Team members,” Denison Mayor Janet Gott said. “In our city we are fortunate to have a culture of positive reinforcement where we never miss the opportunity to recognize those that have gone above and beyond.”

“I was honored to be presented with that honor,” Mackay said. “It was only obtainable through teamwork with all divisions of the police department. I was surprised. I had no idea they were considering me. I was elated.”

Mackay said he has seen overwhelming positivity from his coworkers since he returned to work the next day.

“My years of experience and excellent coworkers in the criminal investigation division allow me to investigate cases thoroughly and efficiently even though there are only two other detectives in Denison,” Mackay said. “My coworkers have been very supportive and positive towards this. As I have let them know, particularly Detective Watt and Prigge, we investigate and interview suspects together. One of us winning it feels like all of us being recognized for our hard work.”

He said the city does a good job recognizing its employees and that support is what drives them to do the work they do.

“Denison is a strong community that seems to be supportive of law enforcement even though it may not be that way in other parts of the country,” Mackay said.

He said his favorite part of the job is interviewing suspects. He finds it rewarding to provide answers to people who have been victimized by a crime.

“I recognized Detective Mackay for his efforts and relentless pursuit of a fraud case that impacted the city of Denison and our tax payers,” Rex said. “He was able to find the suspects in a fraud case we never thought we would find anybody on. It was through his sleuthing that was possible. He has received much recognition for his hard work and dedication to the police profession. He is also the first to recognize many of the other officers for their efforts in policing. He is always available to be called on.”

Rex said there were countless other examples of why Mackay was an example to all that serve the community.