A proposed zoning change could bring more medical services to U.S. Highway 75 on the northwest side of Denison in the near future.

The Denison Planning and Zoning Commission will meet on Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. at city hall to consider an application to change the zoning of the properties at 3525 and 3515 Ansley Lane from residential to commercial.

Development and Community Services Director Kimberly Murray said there is an applicant asking for the rezone to prepare for possible medical offices or other health service offices in the area and currently no site plans have been submitted to the city.

“It is currently zoned single family,” Murray said. “The adjacent property and those across the street are zoned for commercial use. Rezoning this to commercial use would be appropriate.”

The zone change is a necessary step for any commercial development to take place on those lots.

“We have had interest in the adjacent sites,” Murray said. “We haven’t had any formal applications just discussions of use at adjacent sites. We do understand there is residential development behind those properties. These ordinances do require buffers between residential and commercial zones.”

Murray said the city is planning on making some major changes to its ordinances in the near future to accommodate the changing needs of businesses that want to come to the area. One such change will also be discussed at the meeting on Tuesday which will adapt the language of the ordinance to accommodate for catering businesses and other food establishments that will offer a delivery option.