Denison reduced its fee for bulk and brush pickup for residents from $30 per cubic yard to $15 per cubic yard for those who schedule with the city. Denison City Manager Jud Rex said the city made the change to encourage citizens to schedule a pickup.

The City Council approved the change Monday night at its regular meeting.

“There was one fee before for special pickups,” Rex said. “Basically, we’re creating two fees. One fee is a lower fee if folks call in advance and schedule the pickup. We want to encourage that. What happens a lot is when there is a special pickup we don’t get notified for it. Either the neighbor calls it in or stuff ends up on the curb. We want to charge those cases more because they are not what we want to encourage. We want to know when there is trash we need to pickup. That is why we are encouraging that with a lower fee.”

Rex said the program has been running pretty smoothly since implementation, and the city receives fewer comments from the citizens. At the one year anniversary of implementation, the city staff will update the council on the progress.

Since the city moved to automated trash pickup, residences have been allowed to schedule bulk and brush pickup up to six times a year at no charge.

For special pickups beyond what is allotted, the $30 per cubic yard fee will continue to be in effect for those who put out bulk or brush items without calling public works or when code enforcement writes a work order to initiate the pickup.