A group of students from Neblett Elementary School will be singing Christmas carols on Saturday at the Snowflake Festival to raise funds for the Sherman Animal Shelter’s cat condo construction project.

The 2019 Sherman Leadership Class in conjunction with the Sherman Chamber of Commerce have been working to gather the money necessary to help build a new cat space for the Sherman Animal Shelter. They hope it will provide a better experience for the animals.

Sherman Animal Services Director Ty Coleman said the space is important for the cats who are currently housed in cages. Once the expansion is completed, there will be a common area for the felines to socialize and play.

“The cats will be able to walk freely in the new room,” Coleman said. “This will reduce the stress level for the cats as they often get sick and stressed out. We hope this will improve the health of the cats.”

Saturday, the elementary singing group will be performing carols for a group of dogs that will be on site in the shelter’s adoption travel trailer. The kids will be singing songs to draw crowds to the dogs, and Leadership Sherman hopes this will help the shelter attract donations for the project.

Sherman Chamber of Commerce President Eddie Brown said the leadership class takes on a fundraising project every year. This year, the class decided to help raise funds for the shelter.

“The class toured the animal shelter recently,” Brown said. “When they learned about the need to add some rooms to so they could house more animals, the leadership class decided it was a project they wanted to take on. That is what they will be doing for the next couple of months: raising funds for the shelter. Even though the city budgets money for maintenance, there is not enough money to keep up with demand for housing. It will help get it done a lot quicker than having to wait another year or two to get the funding for it. In this case, it benefits the community with housing the stray animals.”

Coleman said it is the first year for what he is dubbing “Caroling with the Canines.” The performance will begin at 2:30 p.m. at the Grayson County Courthouse Square.

“Dogs usually like music,” Coleman said. “Anything with a slow beat will do. It is not uncommon for dogs to howl and join in the singing. It is an attraction to bring people into the area that like dogs.”