The city of Sherman is seeing nearly $42,000 in cost savings to the ongoing expansion of West Travis Street. The city recently approved a change order to its contract for section four of the roadway project, effectively closing out the project and lowering the city’s cost.

The project, which will see the road extended as a four-lane, divided roadway will add additional connectivity to the site of the future Sherman High School once it opens in 2020.

“West Travis will be the main thoroughfare connecting east and central Sherman with the new high school, so its completion is absolutely vital for the successful launch of that gorgeous new facility,” Sherman Community and Support Services Manager Nate Strauch said.

The change order included final changes to the contract and effectively closes out the portion of the roadway project. The change order includes modifications to the paving and storm drains used in the project and reduced the phase’s cost by $41, 891 for a final total of $2.57 million.

Phase four, which starts at the intersection of FM 1417 and OB Groner and travels north, is the second segment of the roadway project that has been completed. Phase one, which terminates at the Sherman Crossroads, near U.S. Highway 75 was previously completed.

Strauch said the final two phases are currently under construction and will bridge the gap in the roadway when they open in mid 2020.

At full completion, the road will extend for about two miles from the U.S. Highway 75 service road to the future school site. City officials previously described this as a priority project as it would give a quicker route from east and central Sherman to the high school site while avoiding several stop lights.

Despite the segment finishing, Sherman Director of Engineering Clint Philpott said the road would remain closed for the foreseeable future to reduce the traffic along the construction site and give crews space to work on the new high school.

“West Travis is complete and we have coordinated with the high school to leave it closed until the rest of the phases of West Travis are complete and the high school is ready to open,” Philpott said.